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Peace of Mind. By Design.

Goldberg Law Center, P.C. of Colorado Springs, Colorado provides legal counsel and leadership in estate design, business representation and asset protection.

Our PURPOSE is simple – we help individuals, families and entrepreneurs protect their loved ones, preserve their wealth, save taxes, and perpetuate philanthropy.

Our PASSION is to help people prepare for disability and death, preserve their family legacy, pass on their family business and educate them on various aspects of stewardship.

Our SPECIALTY is providing wisdom, vision, expertise and compassion to help our clients make good planning choices. From the initial meeting through the implementation of the plan, we develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients and their advisors.

Our PHILOSOPHY is holistic and inclusive of the financial, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of estate design, asset protection and business planning.

Our APPROACH is personal and hands-on, unique, innovative and cutting-edge, purposeful and comprehensive, and extremely rewarding, financially and emotionally.

The RESULT is a highly customized and technically excellent estate, tax and asset protection strategy, filled with love, kindness and care. In short, the result is peace of mind.

Our clients are not part of the 90% of Americans who work hard their entire lives and then leave it all to chance. They are the ones who want to create legacies of value that bridge and span generations. They love their families. They love their neighbors. They love their community. They love their country. And they are willing to invest in those people and things that they hold dear.

How about you?

Will Your Estate Plan Work When You Need It Most?

Call Colorado Springs Estate Planning Attorney, Douglas Goldberg

Estate planning is the single most important step a person or a couple can take to ensure that their financial and healthcare wishes are honored upon their deaths, and that their loved ones are taken care of. An estate plan can resolve a number of legal questions before they ever arise, such as what is the state of the decedent’s financial affairs? What property do they own? Who pays the estate planning attorney? Who inherits what from their estate? Does a guardian need to be appointed to care for their minor children? How many taxes will need to be paid to transfer any property? What type of burial or funeral arrangements are appropriate and who will pay for them?

What Exactly Is An Estate?

Estate: All the property owned by you at the time of your death, including actual real estate as well as any bank accounts, stocks, life insurance policies, and personal property, makes up your estate.

Client Testimonials

"Mr. Goldberg and Ms. Wilkerson have been wonderful throughout our whole estate planning process. Estate planning is quite overwhelming. However, Mr. Goldberg and his staff make the entire process easy. They took the time to answer our many questions, explained everything, returned our phone calls right away, and never once made us feel like an imposition. My family and I rest easy knowing that if something..."

Eric M.

Why Use The Help Of A Colorado Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate plan can identify the family members and friends that you want to receive your property after your life has ended. It can ensure that your property will be transferred only to those you have identified, as quickly and easily as possible. An estate plan can minimize the amount of taxes that will have to be paid from your estate in order for your property to pass on. A well thought out estate plan can not only avoid the time and expense associated with the probate process but also, dictate the types of medical care you wish to receive, should you be unable to make your own wishes known. In addition, your estate plan can specify the funeral arrangements you would like and how those expenses should be paid for.

Deciding which estate plan options are ideal for your situation can be a rather challenging and legally complex undertaking. You need to find an experienced estate planning attorney in Colorado Springs, CO to guide you through the estate planning process. Always take the time to consult with your Colorado Springs estate planning lawyer before making any changes to your will or your other estate planning documents.

Having a legally sound estate plan in place for when you eventually pass away is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your family members and your loved ones. Making sure that your estate plan is done correctly, however, can be quite tricky. Fortunately, a knowledgeable and experienced Colorado estate planning attorney can explain all of the options that are available to you and help you to meet your goals and fulfill the needs of all your loved ones. Whether you need to revise an existing will or make an entirely brand new comprehensive estate plan from scratch, it is always the best possible plan to contact a competent estate planning attorney in Colorado Springs to get started on your ideal estate plan today.

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Will Your Estate Plan Work When You Need It Most?

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