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Client Testimonials

“I have found Doug Goldberg over the last 15 years to be right at the height of his profession - estate planning. Doug's advice to my family over how to handle our estate has been creative, complete and comforting as we can breathe easier once we know that he has designed our plan carefully, exactly as we wanted it. I continue to refer him to any and all who need such services.” Dick
"I have worked with Doug for over 20 years. At first I consulted with him about basic business questions, but as my business grew I worked with Doug to set up what I call a death plan. What would happen to my family if something were to happen to me? What type of life insurance do I need to properly protect my family and business? Who would make decisions about my health care if I was incapacitated? How can I ensure that my wishes were carried out, even after death? Doug was able to walk me through all of these issues. He was able to develop living wills, family trusts, family partnerships, a nonprofit foundation, several business entities, and life insurance trusts that allow me to continue building my business without worrying about what would happen upon my death. Doug gets it. He understands the concerns of families, business owners, and entrepreneurs. His extensive knowledge and training in the estate planning arena allowed him to make the process smooth and easy. Doug's talents are not limited to estate planning, and I have used him many times as General Counsel. Over the years I have come to trust as an attorney, a confidant, and personal friend. Business owners have a lot to worry about, but they shouldn't have to worry about what happens to their wealth or their family on their death. Doug is eliminated that concern for me. One last thing. For those of you who have dealt with attorneys in the past one of the biggest frustrations is the fact that you can never get a hold of them, or they don't return your calls. That is not an issue with Doug. He not only returns calls, he will give you his cell phone number. I have seen Doug's practice grow over the years, but the growth has not affected his customer service skills. I recommend Doug without reservation."Roy
"I came to Doug when I was 8 months pregnant and needed some advice on what would happen to my baby if something were to happen to me. I was and still am a single mother so that is of high importance to me and my family. Doug was so warm and accepting of me and my family and my situation. He was able to help design my plan and I have the confidence that my child will be taken care of in the event of my death. He spent a significant amount of time getting to know me and my situation. Awesome man!"A Satisfied Client
"My experience with Doug has been nothing short of amazing. His caring staff and his personal attention to detail made my fairly complicated situation run very smoothly. Thank you Doug for everything!"A Satisfied Client